CBB volunteers provide Guard of Honour at Laura & Anth’s Wedding day.

Well we all adore a love story…..

Yesterday (Sunday 24th September 2017) CBB was part of a very special day where our volunteers provided a marked fleet bike escort and guard of honour at St Nicholas Chapel, on the island at St. Ives for Laura and Anth both volunteers with the blood bike group Bloodrun EVS .

A few months ago, we were contacted by Laura & Anth from a fellow blood group Bloodrun EVS from Teeside with their story.

Laura became a volunteer with Bloodrun EVS after needing their service. Laura was diagnosed with cancer and due to complications caused by chemotherapy; emergency gamma-irradiated blood and blood products were needed fast, but there were no specialised blood products at the hospital she was in. The doctors gave a window of 1 hour where if she didn’t receive the blood, her organs would begin to shut down and she could die. The nearest specialist blood was at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle; 1 hours car drive away. This wouldn’t have got to Laura in time so a volunteer blood biker was dispatched as part of a relay from the northern hospital; they would meet halfway and then transport the blood to where I was at North Tees University Hospital. They arrived with 15 minutes to spare before the 1 hour critical time limit was up.

Laura was indebted to Bloodrun EVS and wanted to give something back by volunteering for the organisation, and as they say the rest is history.

Laura volunteered, is now a trustee within Bloodrun EVS and met her future husband Anth.

Laura and Anth ‘s favourite place is St Ives and was the obvious choice for their wedding, and they very much wanted to acknowledge the importance of blood bikes within their life.

Laura said: –

“We wanted to acknowledge the blood bike service at our wedding because if it wasn’t for a volunteer; we may not have had to opportunity to get married at all. We will always be grateful to that rider and to all volunteers up and down the country who give up their own time to save others”.

Our volunteers who provided the guard of honour were Len McMorrow, Dids Reeve, Jayne Penlerick, Mac Court, Martijn Huddlestone, John Penlerick and our volunteers who provided the fleet bike escort were Ian Butler, Brendan Hale and Tim Cookman.

Thank you to all our volunteers who gave up their time so freely and to Sarah Kevern of St. Ives Town Council Guildhall Weddings who helped us to make it all possible by granting permission for our fleet bikes to go on private land.

All at Cornwall Blood Bikes wish Laura and Anth every happiness in their future together.

Photo Credit: – Khalile Siddiqui Photography


CBB attends The Great Trethew Vintage Rally

The three days of the Great Trethew Vintage Rally were scorching! Our volunteers Geoff Crocker and Alan Moss had the gazebo up the day before and Geoff and I moved in for the day on the Saturday.

Interest from the public was high and as per usual, the Mini Moto certainly proved to be an attraction. How did we ever cope without it?

Saturday, we were swamped with the company of Cornish Times beauties selling the calendars all in aid of CBB which will culminate with a presentation at the end of the year. Always a good idea to take shorts and flip flops to these events if there’s a hint of sun.

There were no hiccups over the weekend and the organisers have been written to thank them for their kind invitation although I think Mr Crocker pulled some strings (thank you) so we are stronger with him onboard.

BMW 1 stood out and looked very smart with its freshly painted sirens and alloys.

Thanks to our volunteers, Geoff Crocker, Alan Moss, Rob Batten & Wife, & Dave Trudgeon for manning the days.

This is the start of a great event that we shall undoubtedly return too. Well done all.

Ian Butler

Fundraising Manager

Roche Line Dancers support CBB

Cornwall Blood Bikes were asked to attend an evening with the Roche Line Dancers some months ago to meet the group, give a talk and explain what it is we do exactly as a charity. The Line Dancing group raises funds for local charities and had heard of us and were interested to know more.

On that occasion, I went with my wife, a daughter along with two other CBB volunteers Dids Reeve & Martijn Huddlestone.

As expected, we all got up and did few dances to have a go as it’s not an everyday occurrence.

On Saturday 2nd September, we were invited back to receive a cheque for £450 that they had raised from raffles and competitions. This time volunteers Martijn Huddlestone and Graham Rees were kind enough to join me and we were able to bring one of our marked Fleet bikes along for the dancers to see and get on.

The group made us fantastically welcome and liked the fact that all fundraising from the public gets put straight back into the charity and not into wages etc as well as keeping the money within Cornwall.


Groups like these make all the difference to our organisation and keep us going and its lovely to meet them when the chance arises.

A huge thank you from all at CBB to the Roche Line Dancers for supporting us in this way, we hope to meet again.


Ian Butler

Fundraising Manager


thank you

Collections from August 2017

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Collections from July 2017

Cornwall Blood Bikes

Nanstallon Methodist Group

On the morning of Saturday 22nd July the Charity was invited to meet members of the Nanstallon Methodist Group for a cheque presentation of £700 to the Blood Bikes that the group has been collecting over the year through various events such as Coffee Mornings. We were invited to the Group some weeks ago to share their Songs of Praise evening and gave the congregation a talk on the Charities function, what we do and how we do it.

Saturday morning was a coffee morning and an ideal time to meet more people. The cheque was presented by Beryl Trebilcock and Joy. I stupidly forgot to ask the ladies name sitting on the bike but she was on it within seconds.

I stayed for a little while for a coffee and a chat and to answer questions with abit more detail. There is always that chance that the talks and time spent explaining things will inspire others to raise money and get involved. It’s still staggering, the look on people’s faces when they discover what we do and that it’s for free.

This Charity will always make every effort to meet people who fundraise for it and discourage donations being sent by post.

thank you

Liskeard and Looe Round Table

On Monday 24th July the Charity was invited to meet members of the Liskeard & Looe Round Table 736 for a cheque presentation of £500 to the Blood Bikes. The Round Table approached us out of the blue wanting to support a local Cornish Charity.  We met in Looe with a Response Bike and had a had a chat about where the money will go and what our future plans are. This was completely out of the blue but they had decided to allot money to local Cornish Charities and we were one of them.
The tourists swarmed around the bike to see what was going on and get a close up.

The Round Table do several events during the year and a few of these are hosting and arranging the Liskeard’s and Looe’s Firework displays in November each year. They are also on a recruitment drive to get more members into the Round Table.

Jon Badge, Round Table Vice Chairman, handed over the cheque outside the Old Sail Loft & the Fish & Seafood Restaurants on the East Quay to Geoff Crocker and Rob Batten, CBB volunteer riders with Ian Butler behind the camera…again.

We discourage the sending of donations through the post so that we can make every effort to meet the people and organisations that raise money for us.

Ian Butler

thank you

Masonic Lodge Pheonix 331 Donate to Cornwall Blood Bikes

Sunday 23rd July, the Cornwall Blood Bikes were invited to join in the celebrations at the Penmorvah Hotel for the 300th Anniversary of the Masonic organisation. Jayne and I asked Andy Bellamy and his wife Tanya to attend and they had a great time. The Charity was the guests of Mr Delme Willis, who is the Grand Master of Perranporth Lodge.

The food at The Penmorvah was excellent and cooked to perfection. The assembled Ladies and Gentlemen of the Masons Phoenix Lodge (331) held a raffle with many “liquid” prizes and the occasional special prize such as jewellery and decanter sets. There were about 6 or 7 tables in all with 8 people round each one and everyone had a good laugh at the prize giving.

Andy was asked by Delme to give a short talk about Cornwall Blood Bikes, which although he hadn’t prepared for, was well received and I’m told, flowed well and was informative. To add icing to the cake (so as to speak), out of the blue, Delme presented him with a cheque for Cornwall Blood Bikes of £500 which was gratefully accepted with many thanks to all assembled.
The money was raised from the raffle contributions and topped up from Delme’s official Lodge fund.

We really have made an impression with these people and they have taken our charity in. Thank you to them and we hope to do more with them in the future.
Ian Butler

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Collections From June 2017

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St Mary’s Lead Works supports Cornwall Blood Bikes

It is always amazing and humbling of the innovative ways that people find to raise funds for us and this one has a family link to our charity.
One of our Volunteer Rider’s Geoff Crocker, his son decided that there was a different way of keeping our wheels turning.
Lee Crocker Managing Director of StMary’s Lead Works of Liskeard, and his manager Simon Putt has been selling off paving slabs at a £1 per slab over the last 6 months at their firm.
He has just handed over a cheque for the fantastic sum of £435.00 to Cornwall Blood Bikes.
Lee also very generously sponsored a fuel card for our fleet bikes for the East region of Cornwall for the past seven and a half months.
Pictured above are Lee Crocker ( Left) and Simon Putt.
All at Cornwall Blood Bikes would like to extend our heartfelt thanks as every penny goes back into the charity to allow us to continue delivering our service to our NHS partners across Cornwall.