Dear Friends

Early this morning (Thurs 9th February 2017) one of the Cornwall Blood Bikes (CBB) volunteers, Dave Trudgeon from Bodmin, was tasked with picking up whole blood from RCH Treliske Hospital Haematology Unit and transporting it to St Ives Airport to meet a Skybus which was to take it to a patient in St Mary’s Hospital who is too unwell to travel and requires a transfusion on the Isles of Scilly.

This is not the first time that the Cornwall Blood Bikes have been called upon to do this and no doubt, won’t be the last. A spokesperson from Haematology told me that our unique service was the first choice as we can get around traffic delays and the Health Authority does not have to arrange taxi’s and they can save valuable financial resources. It also shows that the processes that CBB adhere are robust and the system works.

We are assured that the patient is in receipt of the blood and all is well, It also demonstrates that although the Islands are separated by an expanse of water, CBB is an integral part in the process of peoples health and the Charity is extremely proud of being able to contribute.

Also pictured is Captain Simon Williams, also a Blood Bike Volunteer.

Email received:


Thank you for your phone call earlier. I have spoken to St. Mary’s Hospital, IOS and the blood arrived safely. The patient has had the first unit and is currently being given the second. Thank you again for the amazing service you give – even when required to travel to the end of England at 5.30am! I know the staff and patient involved are most grateful.

Fiona Floyd, Biomedical Scientist, RCH Transfusion Laboratory.