Cheque Presentation

Lanlivery Steam Rally Donate to Cornwall Blood Bikes

The gang of 4 (Mark H, Dids, Brendan, Me), again turned out for the 2016 Lanlivery Steam Rally Cheque presentation to the Charities that they support at the Crown Inn in Lanlivery.

Eric Scorse, Rally Committee Member, was there to welcome us on a windy and wet night.  Mark also brought a Fleet Bike along for the evening.

This year, the Rally raised in excess of £16000 of which, we were awarded £2550.  Mark received the cheque from the new Chairman and got time for a speech outlining what we do, how we do it, 2015’s totally mileage and that the NHS do not fund us, which is a message we have to push harder.  A massive thank you goes to them for their generosity and a thank you letter will follow.

Cornwall Blood Bikes is an ingrained Charity with the Lanlivery event.  We turn up, we staff it well, we always clean up after ourselves, get on with everyone there and have a good time which the photos that were taken show.  There was a buffet laid on for everyone there and even I fell off the wagon and forced a sausage roll down.  There was a raffle as usual after everything was said and done.

We can confirm that Mark H is colourblind and yours truly was the only one to win a prize. The very last ticket to be pulled was mine and it was another pot plant, not as big as last years but what were the chances………unless it was rigged…..but I doubt it.

From all at Cornwall Blood Bikes, we would like to extend a huge thank you for the donation, which will help to ensure that we ‘keep our wheels’ turning and provide an excellent service to the communities in Cornwall.