Our Fundraising
Goal for 2021

To continue our fundraising efforts to renew and maintain our fleet of BMW motorcycles which consist of thirteen BMW 1200 RT(P)’s and two BMW 1250 RT's.

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In 2017, we were the recipients of the charities first brand new BMW from a grant given to us by the Masonic Community Foundation of £25,000. From this grant, we were also able to purchase 2 nearly new BMW’s allowing us to sell 2 of our higher mileage bikes.

This generous donation enabled us to purchase three new bikes to add to our fleet in early 2018; The “Spirit of Cornwall”, “Spirit of Charity” and “Spirit of Freemasonry” were warmly welcomed.

In August 2018 we were the lucky beneficiaries when a generous grant was made on behalf of The Mark Benevolent Fund, to celebrate their 150th anniversary they purchased blood bikes and vehicles for charities throughout the UK. “Mark Mason” proudly was welcomed and went operational on the 9th November 2018 and on to serve the people of Cornwall.

At the end of 2019 we placed an order for two new BMW 1250 RT's. One the result of the extraordinary efforts from The Oarsome Foursome and their achievements taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, and the second to celebrate our five year anniversary operating as CBB on the 6th April 2020.

New bikes guarantee less downtime and the bikes spend more time on the road doing what we do best. The motorcycles are factory built and are purchased directly from BMW Motorrad UK at a cost of £17,500 each.

We have estimated that our average monthly running costs per motorcycle average £500 per month which includes fuel, insurance, servicing, health checks, tyres etc, so our total annual fleet costs alone are in excess of £90,000.

However, this does not take account of the cost to replace a motorcycle which we expect will have an operational life of no more than three to four years.

This means that we need to raise an additional £10,000 to £15,000 per annum to keep our fleet of liveried motorcycles up to date.

To help us achieve our target we are continually approaching local companies for their support as well as looking at new and exciting ways to fundraise. We are always looking for ideas and help from within our charity and the public.

Oll an Gwella

Our dear friends at Oll an Gwella, who continue to entertain people around Cornwall, continue to support Cornwall Blood Bikes and help us to raise vital funds to keep our wheels turning.

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The fundraising team of Ian Butler (Fundraising Manager) & Jayne Penlerick (PR/Media Liaison) can be contacted through the website or by emailing and will help in any way they can to make your fundraising ideas come to fruition.

We will provide support from our volunteer members, promote your activities through our website and social media and will try, whenever operationally possible, to attend your event with CBB’s liveried motorcycles.

Activities that have been organised to fundraise for us include dog shows, motorcycle ride outs, marathon runs, local choirs organising concerts on our behalf, pasty baking at community hospitals, cream teas, coffee mornings and local motorcycle clubs donating funds from events they have planned.

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