Our goal for 2015 is to raise enough money to replace at least one of our current liveried motorcycles with a new BMW R1200RT-P as we are already overdue to replace and update two of our motorcycles. These are factory built to police specification and are purchased directly from BMW Motorrad UK at a cost of £15,000 each.

We have estimated that our average monthly running costs per motorcycle average £433 per month which includes fuel and insurance so our total annual fleet costs alone are in excess of £20,000 at this time. However, this does does not take account of the cost to replace a motorcycle which we expect will have an operational life of no more than three to four years. This means that we need to raise an additional £10,000 to £15,000 per annum to keep our fleet of liveried motorcycles operational.

To help us achieve our target we are continually approaching local companies for their support as well as looking at new and exciting ways to fundraise such as Crowdfunder projects to boost our fundraising goals significantly.

We encourage friends of the Cornwall Blood Bikes to help us with our fundraising in any way they can. The fundraising team can be contacted through the website and will help in any way they can to make your fundraising ideas come to fruition. They will provide support from our volunteer members, promote your activities through our website and will endeavour whenever operationally possible to attend your event with CBB’s liveried motorcycles.

Activities that have been organised to fundraise for us include local auctions, members of the community running in marathons, local choirs organising concerts on our behalf, pasty baking at community hospitals and local motorcycle clubs donating funds from events they have planned.

A new weekly bike meeting and ride out for motorcycle enthusiasts leaving the Chapter 1 Diner at Damerrells Motorcycles dealership in Indian Queens is planned to take place from early April 2015 to the end of the season with the proceeds being donated to Cornwall Blood Bikes. We also have collection pots in shops and pubs around the county which always bring in much needed funds to help us keep our wheels spinning.

So please do get involved in any way that you can. If not fundraising then please see our vacancies page.